Tricia Hewlett Art

Wildlife Artist

Sep 20, 2022

Flight Series
Kingfisher in flight artwork by Tricia Hewlett
Flight Series II – Kingfisher

I have been thinking about this flight series for some time.
Birds in flight can be so recognisable, even in silhouette seen against the sky with no colour or detail.
The silhouette view of birds has drawn my attention since I was working on Stewart Island in the 1980’s and fell in love with the kereru there “whoop, whoop, whooping” around Oban. 

Silhouette Series
A few years ago I painted a silhouette series.
These are black silhouettes for birds in flight with bright backgrounds. 
I have four of this series available at $95 plus p+p each.
They are acrylic on board, framed in black with glass and are 45 x 33 cm.

Paint, brush marks, and samples used in the creation of my Flight Series artworks
Creating my Flight Series artworks

 I have been dabbling in abstract art and the idea of representation via colour and brush stroke
(I have a long way to go before any of these dabbling’s will seen by the public, but I am having fun!)
Then, I was in need of some larger canvas, which Visual Artist Tori Batt, was able to supply for me. One had some previous unfinished work on it and when I was working my new art over it, a wonderfully serendipitous image emerged which sent me off on the flight series. 

These are acrylic on canvas and framed behind glass. 
Each is 35cm x 43 cm. They are available for $115 plus p+p each. 

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