Tricia Hewlett Art

Wildlife Artist

Jun 19, 2022

Life’s a Puzzle

Making Mini Art Puzzles
I love puzzles.
Riddles, mind teasers, codes, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles…I love them all.
​I’m not exactly great at them, but I do love the challenge.
​Do you like puzzles?

I also love paper craft. I like origami, card making, journal making, paper arts of many type. 
So, what does an artist who loves puzzles and paper craft do?
They make art puzzles…
…and then they make the boxes and the labels to package them.

These will be launched at the Akaroa Night Market and will be available for purchase. 
$12 each (plus p+p – they are very small so many will fit in the smallest postage size)  
Send a message if you are interested. 

Autumnal Tails Series

Fantails, a common NZ native bird loved by many, are fun, friendly, and fragile. I have created a series of artworks in celebration of these critters called Autumnal Tails. Fantail do not tend to live more than 3 years as they are susceptible to winter’s cold....

The Birds are Busy…

I love this time of year!The birds have been busy and their young are fledging. Fledglings are curious and not very not "street-smart" so we often get closer to them than their parents. They tend to sit and check us out checking them out. Freshly Fledged Fantail...

Are You Journal Mad, Too?

I love notebooks.Actually, I love all stationery, but journals have a special place on my stationery shelves.  I love the idea of journals as a collection of thoughts, a place to collate information, for doodles and drawings...but more than that, I love notebooks...

Flight Series

Flight Series II - Kingfisher Inspiration:I have been thinking about this flight series for some time.Birds in flight can be so recognisable, even in silhouette seen against the sky with no colour or detail.The silhouette view of birds has drawn my attention since I...

Creating my Songbird Series

 We have so many wonderful song birds in Aotearoa/NZ. I have been thinking about two art ideas for a while: how to represent our songbirds in an original way and using paste medium to create interesting painted backgrounds.​These ideas have come together in...

A Flood of Events

While a digger grumbles away out my Studio window sorting the damage from December's devastating flood I prepare for a flood of exhibitions.​​(See my previous blog "A Summer Flood" for more details of Cyclone Ruby's visit to our valley)  Thanks to those that...