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Wildlife Artist

Aug 1, 2020

Preparing for The Christchurch Art Show

Here’s a sneak preview of some of my art for the online ChCh Art Show (June 18 to 21) and how I prepared for this event…

I was accepted into The Christchurch Art Show  and began preparing for this huge event.
Then we had a pandemic.
The result is that The Christchurch Art Show is going online this year.
What a learning curve!
Not only do I need to create, scan, print, frame and prepare my art work,
I also need to photograph it, and create a video of me. 

If you have ever tried to photograph a framed artwork with glass you will know this is not an easy task. I tried different filters, rooms, positions, outside, times of day (and night), lighting and even waited for overcast weather in the hope the clouds would filter the light to avoid the glare
…but all to no avail. 

I did have professional scans of all my artwork prior to framing, and considered using them, but they didn’t show the finished product. Then I had a brainwave … I recreated the frame, matt and image (all to size) in publisher. This required measuring each component of the original artworks. The overall size, the width of the frame, the width of the matt board, top, bottom and sides, and the size of the image. In the end I was happy with the result – and pleased I’d chosen black frames which I was able to recreate. 

So with the photography sorted I then set my mind to the video. Again, not an area I know about. All I knew was I wanted the video to look good as it would be my presence at the show. 

The Christchurch Art Show’s point of difference is that they encourage the artists the be there, to manage their own artworks, but more importantly to meet the potential buyers. Online this is being achieved via video introductions and having artists at the end of the telephone throughout the event.

So, the video had to look good. After a few attempts with my point and shot camera I put an SOS out to the team at Happen Films.  They create inspiring films and podcasts about people making a positive difference in the world. Do take a look at Jordan and Antoinette’s website  They are also the talent behind the Hinewai Film.

Luckily, the country went to level 2 (covid) which meant we could get together. Jordan and Antionette drove out here, recorded, filmed and had a cuppa. The following week Jordan began two weeks in lockdown on his way to see his sick mother in Australia, so had the opportunity to edit my video. 

Thanks to the amazing team at Happen Films I now have a great video introducing me to the online audience of the ChCh Art Show.  You’ll need to go to the show June 18-21 to see it.

Opening Night tickets for the Christchurch Art Show are available here: 
Opening Night: Thursday 18th June 2020, 7:30pm. 
This is your first chance to view the art at our exclusive opening night!

Online Show Day Tickets are FREE!!! 
Show days are Friday 19th – Sunday 21st June 2020
To access the free show days a link will be published on from Friday June 19th 2020!
Click on the link and it will take you to our online Christchurch Art Show
where so many talented Kiwi’s have  produced art of all media and styles for your enjoyment.

I’d love to hear what you think of The “Online” Christchurch Art Show.
You can leave a message on this blog, send a message from the contact page, my facebook page, via instagram or by email:

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