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Wildlife Artist

Autumnal Tails I – One in Nine


Original Watercolour Fantail Artwork. Framed at 76cm x 55cm.

Fantails, a common NZ native bird loved by many, are fun, friendly, and fragile.

They are lively, curious, and constantly trying to get into the studio. I spend far too much time shooing them out as no one wants fantail poop on their artwork!

Fantails remind me that no matter what life throws at us, we just need a few friends, some fun, and a friendly personality to get by in this life.

This watercolour fantail artwork depicts one black morph fantail and eight pied fantails. The black morph is a quirk of nature. It is a South Island variant of the common pied fantail. Approximately one in nine South Island fantails are black morphs. We see at least one black fantail each autumn. It is a reminder that difference is a celebration.

Original Watercolour Fantail Artwork

Framed at 76cm x 55cm

My artwork is created in response to the NZ wildlife, birds, and critters surrounding my life and studio on Hinewai Reserve. I am inspired by nature’s resilience and the critters who live and breed here. I create to protect our critters one artwork at a time.

These original (and therefore non-replaceable) artworks are couriered with tracking via NZ Post. The $60 delivery option is a door-to-door courier.  You are welcome to collect your art from my studio, message me to see what other options we can find, or simply select the Aotearoa/NZ Shipping option to get it delivered to your door. 

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