Tricia Hewlett Art

Wildlife Artist

‘Kikikikiki’ Cards (Set of 5)


5x ‘Kikikikiki’ (the sound of the Kakariki) art greeting cards (10 x 15 cm), with envelopes.

Each card is printed on a semi-glossy white card and comes with an envelope. They are blank inside so can be used for any special occasion. 

Kakariki means both ‘small parrot’ and ‘green’. The red-crowned kakariki can now only be found in predator-free areas of Aotearoa/NZ and they no longer breed on the mainland.  These birds were once so common there was a bounty on them due to the ‘locust-like’ damage they caused to crops.

Of the three kakariki in mainland Aotearoa/NZ, the yellow-crowded kakariki spends most of its time in the top canopy of the forest, the orange-crowned kakariki in the middle of the trees, while the red-crowned kakariki spends most of its time in the lower branches and on the ground. This makes them vulnerable to predation.

My artwork is created in response to the NZ wildlife, birds, and critters surrounding my life and studio on Hinewai Reserve. I am inspired by nature’s resilience and the critters who live and breed here. I create to protect our critters one artwork at a time.

A percentage of my profits go towards helping our critters.

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