Tricia Hewlett Art

Wildlife Artist

Okains Bay I


Framed Original ‘Okains Bay I‘ 61 cm x 21 cm. 

‘Okains Bay I’ is a watercolour and graphic depiction of the open beach and headlands of Okains Bay, Banks Peninsula. 

Banks Peninsula was a series of volcanos that erupted leaving the distinctive Akaroa and Lyttleton calderas with lava flows that produced the spurs between what are now numerous bays. Okains Bay is one of Banks Peninsula’s favourite swimming beaches.

This landscape artwork was created in response to the feeling I get each time I step onto the sands of Okains Bay. Many of the Peninsula’s bays are ‘hugged’ within headlands, however the headlands of this bay are further apart.  Okains has a wonderful feeling of space. I want to spread my arms and spin in joy when I am on the beach at Okains Bay. So, I created this artwork to give the penguins room to breathe, to relax and to grow. Like us, they need this to survive. 

Unfortunately, the yellow-eyed penguins are struggling to survive on Mainland Aotearoa. Their habitats are disturbed, their food supply is plundered, and many suffer from an avian illness they are not strong enough to overcome. A percentage of my profits go towards helping our critters as my mission is to protect our critters one artwork at a time.

These original (and therefore non-replaceable) artworks are couriered with tracking via NZ Post. The $60 delivery option is a door-to-door courier.  You are welcome to collect your art from my studio. If not, message me to see what other options we can find, or simply select the Aotearoa/NZ Shipping option to get it delivered to your door. 

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