Tricia Hewlett Art

Wildlife Artist

Pipipi Cards (Set of 5)


5x Pipipi art greeting cards (10 x 15 cm), with envelopes. 

5x quality art cards.

These are printed on a semi-glossy white card with white envelopes. They are blank inside so can be used for any special occasion. 

This New Zealand native is also known as the Brown Creeper. It shifts through the bushes seeking insects. They can be difficult to see although the large family groups are definitely heard! Hinewai Reserve where I live and work is a stronghold for the Pipipi and our reserve newsletter is named after them.

My artwork is created in response to the NZ wildlife, birds, and critters surrounding my life and studio on Hinewai Reserve. I am inspired by nature’s resilience and the critters who live and breed here. I create to protect our critters one artwork at a time.

A percentage of my profits go towards helping our critters.

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