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Shining Cuckoo Chick Fine Art Print


Fine art giclée print of my graphite ‘Shining Cuckoo Chick’ artwork.

A4 (21 cm x 29.5 cm)

This ‘Shining Cuckoo Chick’ is a fine art giclée print of my graphite artwork.

Aotearoa/NZ’s Shining Cuckoo is the world’s smallest cuckoo.

It arrives in Spring, mates and then lays it’s eggs in the nest of the Grey Warbler. The grey warbler is so much smaller than it’s foster chick, but still manages to find enough food to allow the Shining Cuckoo to grow and fledge.

Despite not being raised by it’s own parents, the Shining Cuckoo knows to depart Aotearoa/NZ in Autumn and migrate to the Solomon Islands for our winter.

These birds have a distinctive call that once identifies is not often forgotten. They are rarely seen but they are often heard.

This is an A4 (21 cm x 29.5 cm) size fine art giclée print on German etching paper. It can fit an A4 frame or an 8 x 10 (20 cm x 25.5 cm) frame.

It will be posted in a purpose-made box so it arrives in perfect order. The price includes Standard NZ Postage. Please message me for international pricing.

My artwork is created in response to the NZ wildlife, birds, and critters, that surround my life and studio on Hinewai Reserve. I am inspired by nature’s resilience and the critters who live and breed here. I create to protect our critters one artwork at a time.

A percentage of my profits go towards helping our critters.

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