Tricia Hewlett Art

Wildlife Artist

Songbird Series III – Silvereye


Mixed Media Silvereye artwork on canvas. 91 x 45 cm.

This artwork is the third in a series about our native songbirds.

It is a mixed media work and you can see a blog about the creation of this series here.

Silvereye are commonly found throughout Aotearoa/NZ. Their Maori name, Tauhou, means ‘stranger’ as they self-introduced as late as the 1830s. They are also known as wax eyes.

Silvereyes are great pollinators with their brush-like tongue and also help spread small forest seeds. Gardeners appreciate that they love to munch on aphids.

Not only do you get the original artwork, but you also get an original poem written about the Silvereye.

My artwork is created in response to the NZ wildlife, birds and critters, that surround my life and studio on Hinewai Reserve. I am inspired by natures resilience and the critters who live and breed here. I create to protect our critters one artwork at a time.

A percentage of my profits go towards helping our critters.

These original (and therefore non-replaceable) artworks are couriered with tracking via NZ Post. The $60 delivery option is a door-to-door courier.  You are welcome to collect your art from my studio, message me to see what other options we can find, or simply select the Aotearoa/NZ Shipping option to get it delivered to your door. 

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