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Feb 1, 2020

What’s Happening – Feb 2020


Spring and summer are full of inspiration for a nature artist.

We have abundant bird life around us here on Hinewai Reserve and have been watching Shining Cuckoo calling and flirting, Blackbirds nest building, California Quail corralling their eight chicks each time they see us coming, Brown Creeper fledglings being evicted from the garden shed, Grey Warbler chick being fed…it has been an amazing breeding season for so many birds. 

With all this activity I have spent many hours sitting outside with my camera attempting to capture a posture, look or group that I can use for another artwork. 

Photo of Blackbird Chick

I use a Panasonic Point and Shoot camera, but it does have a great zoom and 4K so although my photos won’t win competitions, that’s not what they are taken for. As long as I can get enough detail  to see the feathers and features I am content.

​All these new images have arrived at the right time as I have been accepted into the Christchurch Art Show in June. I will have to work very hard to have enough work to display. For those who have not seen this show, it is massive! There are many artists and so much to see. Take a look at the short video on the ChCh Art Show homepage:

The last few months of 2019 were a whirlwind of exhibitions and shows. Thank you to all the people I met: the art purchasers, the art appreciators, the artists, and the art event organisers. It was a blast. Here are a few photos of some exhibitions.

: My display at the Diana Issac Art Exhibition in October
Dunedin Art Show
Art displayed in Mr Peacock, an Akaroa Fashion Store
Artworks displayed at Fisherman Bay Gardens

If there is any art here that interests you, feel free to ask about it. 
Some of these photos are original works, some prints.
My prints are available in A4 unframed or framed in two sizes. 

Thanks for following my blog.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like me to include anything
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Nga mihi, Tricia

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